13 gennaio 2014

First post of 2014!

Hey guys!
This is the first post of 2014...HAPPY NEW YEAR!
For this new year I have made a new account of Pinterert with a set of some my works previously posted on Facebook (also my recent work for Top Cow - Witchblade)
Here: My Pinterest

Reminder: WITCHBLADE #171 is now available in American stores.
Don't miss it!

Also, WITCHBLADE #172 will be released in American stores on January 29, 2014.
Here some details and work in progress from this new issue.

Story: Ron Marz
Art: Me
Colors & Editor: Betsy Gonia
Letters: Troy Peteri
January 29
Top Cow Productions

                                                                  © Top Cow Productions

                                                                  YOU DON'T MISS IT!

2 commenti:

Gripa ha detto...

Un trionfo di ricchezza,
tecnica ed estetica.

Impeccabile come sempre.
Buon lavoro.

Baol ha detto...

Ma, fino alla fine di gennaio si possono ancora fare gli auguri di Buon 2014?